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    WE MOVED! Effective Dec 10, 2019 NEW ADDRESS: FLOMOTION SYSTEMS Inc. 3 N. Main St, Middleport, NY 14105 Toll Free: (800)909-3569 (U.S. & Canada) Providing systems and equipment for liquid flow, level measurement and chemical metering

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    With the AstralPool chemical dosing systems take the guesswork out of pool chemical dosing. Keep Your Pool In Check, The Easy Way Take the guess work out of dosing sanitiser into your pool. With the AstralPool chemical dosing systems you are guaranteed

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    Hach covers all the drinking water testing parameters that you use to analyze and treat incoming raw water, filtration, disinfection and the distribution system. Learn more about how Hach helps in each stage of the treatment process for the analysis of drinking water.

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    Blue-White A100NA Peristaltic Chemical Feed Pump 1 Minute Analog Cycle Timer Includes: tubing, injection/check and mounting hardware; low pressure fixed speed 76.08 maximum gallons per day with 3/8" norprene tube (100 PSI maximum discharge pressure)

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    Find a Dealer Registration Pool Pros Fluidra Rewards Become a Partner Pro Support Fluidra Pro Academy Corporate Jandy ® Polaris® Zodiac® Pool iAquaLink® More Brands Blueriiot Grand Effects Caretaker Nature2® Cover-Pools® Find a Dealer Blog

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    Stenner manufactures peristaltic metering pumps, tank systems, meter systems and accessories. We serve a range of different industries. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the

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    Knights has an extensive line of precision chemical dispensing systems designed to meet the sanitation and cleaning demands of the dairy environment, whether you are dealing with parlor sanitation, pipeline and tank cleaning, teat dip dispensing, hose drop, or

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    Choose from our selection of cam lock hose fittings, including over 1,400 products in a wide range of styles and sizes. In stock and ready to ship. Also known as dry disconnects and double shut-off couplings, these have a shut-off valve in the plug and socket for minimal fluid loss when disconnecting the hose …

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    Chemical Terms SDS Engineering Tools Danaher Water Platform Small Business WATER QUALITY PRODUCTS FOR GOVERNMENT BUYERS Hach has a complete portfolio of instruments and chemistries with support and services to help you get the right

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    To be certain of your water’s odor source, contact a Water-Right dealer for a free water analysis. If you’re ready to eliminate that pesky smell from your water source once and for all, contact our specialists for more information on the best water treatment options for your needs and budget.

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    Aeroquip EZ Clip Hose, Tools, and Fittings - 040 EZ Clip fittings offer a simple option for pluing out or repairing Air Conditioning hose lines on heavy duty trucks, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, and other industrial appliions. No special crimper

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    Authorized Dealer For more information watch this Boogie Blue VideoInstructions Do not allow filter to dry-out. (Allow sufficient humidity to maintain the carbon-block''s structural porosity). Flush your filter thoroughly prior to initial usage. Retain attachment to hose

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    Flow Assurance and Water Treatment for Upstream Appliions Learn More Municipal Water & Wastewater Treatment Appliions Learn More Chemical Feed and Industrial Water Treatment for Refineries and Chemical Plants Learn More Water & Wastewater Treatment for Power Generation Learn More Pulsafeeder, the new standard for chemical metering, flow assurance, and water & wastewater …

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    Follow dealer and chemical manufacturer directions and instructions. The chlorine demand for pools and spas varies based on use, temperature, sunlight, etc. Initially, you''ll have to experiment to determine the proper amount of chlorine and the correct adjustment required for your pool and filter time cycle.

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    Standard hose fitting at top, 1/2'''' threaded male connection at bottom Part # PRER8000 * Max Clear Ion Exchange Pre-Filter is intended to remove MOST common hard water minerals & impurities, making chemical

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    ** For large diameter bored wells the volume of chlorine can be reduced by approximately half if industrial strength chlorine (12% sodium hypochlorite) is used. Industrial strength chlorine is available from any chemical dealer, water treatment supplier, or dairy

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    AstralPool''s new Viron pH Salt Chlorinator brings a new benchmark in efficiency, control, convenience and reliability. to be accurate, salt or minerals don''t sanitise the pool, chlorine does. Salt or minerals, when dissolved into your pool water are converted by the

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    Prince Rubber & Plastics Co., Inc. Since 1931, Prince has been a Manufacturer and Fabrior of high performance, corrosion resistant Rubber and Plastic products under the trademark Panacea®. Our

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    Ratings of chemical behavior listed in this chart apply at a 48-hr exposure period. Cole-Parmer has no knowledge of possible effects beyond this period. Cole-Parmer does not warrant (neither express nor implied) that the information in this chart is accurate or complete or that any material is …

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    Chemical Feeder Sell Sheet Manuals CL220 Model: C250CF and C500CF Accessories Select to Compare Flush Union Connector with 1 1/2 in Male Nipple Item #SP1500UNMPAK1 Unions Select to Compare Set of two (2) quick connect unions Item # Unions

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    Industry standards for chlorine in pools is 1.0 to 3.0 ppm. For spas, bromine should be 2.0 to 4.0 ppm and chlorine 3.0 to 5.0 ppm. When using FROG minerals, chlorine use is reduced to 0.5 ppm for pools and chlorine or bromine can be reduced to 1.0 ppm in spas.


    5. Close drain valve. Follow chemical manufacturer''s recommendations for handling chemical used in your feeder. Fill with proper size tablets or sticks. 6. Making sure O-Ring is clean, lubried with Lifegard Silicone and is in place, replace cap. Hand tighten 8.

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    Many of our chlorine dioxide products are used to eliminate bothersome odors. One of our most innovative devices for odor removal is our chlorine dioxide efficiency system, which is an all-in-one kit that makes it easy to get rid of unpleasant smells in enclosed spaces such as cars, RVs, boats, hotel rooms, and homes.

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    Buy Thermo Scientific Orion 9770BNWP ISE Electrode; Chlorine and more from our comprehensive selection of Thermo Scientific Orion Coination Ion-Selective Electrodes Coination Ion-Selective Electrodes are easier to use than reference and half-cells

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    Hosecraft USA offers every type and style of quality PVC hose. Compare the various suction hose benefits to determine the best choice for your commercial or industrial appliion. UH1 HEAVY POLYURETHANE MATERIAL HOSE The UH1 Hose has a thick, polyurethane liner to provide one of the most durable material handling hoses.

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    ECOsmarte® has installed its chemical-free pool system in over 130 countries worldwide and in all 50 U.S states. Do not be misled by “salt pools” sellers that generate chlorine levels as high as 10PPM in one week. We are committed to the least chemicals, least

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    How to Choose, Use, and Store Chlorine It truly is pleasurable having your own pool but, on the other hand, it can represent an enormous chore. As a way to swim in a clean pool, you will want to use different chemical additives which will eliminate germs. The most

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    #1 Dealer of Leisure Time Spa Chemicals in America Fast Shipping and Fresh Inventory on Leisure Time Chemicals Treat Yourself to a Well Treated Spa For more than 25 years, Leisure Time® has been the premier name in spa water care. The Leisure Timebrand

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    Liquid (shock) The most powerful shock and disinfectant. The fastest way to open your pool and raise chlorine level (one 5 gl container per 10,000 gl) Great for shocking and clearing green pools …destroys algae like no other chemical. Containers Sizes: 1 gallon (no deposit)

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    If the chlorine residual is below 1.0 ppm, chlorine is needed. A chlorine residual of 1.0 is absolutely necessary to keep pool water clear of bacteria and algae. When using a mineral system or other means of killing bacteria, chlorine level can be kept at .5 to 1.0 ppm.